Individual Design


Individual Design...

This unique approach is one we have taken in our journey to help our brides to get a couture dream gown at a reasonable price.

We offer to create a custom made dresses for you, designed specifically for you at a reasonable price (under $2,500 AUD)and in just a 3 to 5 week turnaround time.

We absolutely love beautiful dresses made by the famous designers in the fashion industry but we also know that the costs for these dresses sometimes simply unaffordable and the lead time is too long.

We have successfully replicated some of the most loved dresses and the outcome is fantastic. Our brides love this option and also the fact that they can customise their dress, for example some of the brides prefer a more conservative skirt with extra under layer or to have less or more beading, we can make changes to reflect your own design.

We know that you are unique and we will work with you to reflect who you are in the dress made specially for you

Please complete below form if you are interested in creating your own unique custom made dress. Our talented designers will get in contact with you for detailed discussion.

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